Plunging back into GIFs + Animated GIF tutorial.

Slate's recent article on GIFs as Fine Art reminded me that I wanted to start a post on gifs (or, more specifically, 'animated gifs'). Remember these? Here's what animated gifs were like when they first came around!

These days, many people think of animated gifs as a means to express emotions or humour online, though they can actually be quite beautiful or subtle, depending on the intent. 

Find below some examples of my favourite modern gifs, as well as a tutorial for creating animated gifs and my very own first attempt at an animated gif! 

Above is a beautiful GIF by artist Sam Cannon. (As an aside: there are many examples of modern / retro technology applied as fine art. See here, and here, for two pulled off the top of my head.) 


Some of my favourite GIF artists below.

Rebecca Mock



Cyndi Pop  .



Here's my first attempt at a (not-so-simple) animated gif, using video captured on an iPhone at the University of Victoria (Victoria, BC) during the spring. I added the "Spring" text in photoshop. The font is Jellyka Princess. 

A sample tutorial for How to Make an Animated Gif 



Next goal: a cinema graph, which is, in essence, an animated gif whereby most of the image is still and only a portion moves, sometimes producing an effect which can be quite creepy! (Tutorial here.) The Rebecca Mock one above might technically be a cinegraph.